Online Fitness & Health Coaching

Pricing is dependent on the consultation. After collecting all necessary information, we will establish if we will all be a good fit to work together and make sure both of your goals are realistic. I will then be able to determine whether I will be able to sign the two of you up, following the agreed goals upon consultation. I will ask a number of questions, including, your previous histories, potential barriers, current habits, health histories and of course, your goals.  


8 Weeks Coaching | Duo
(Getting you started)

We will set you up with everything you both need to reach your goals and will be acting on them daily. Everything will be realistic and tailored to both of your lifestyle and the things you enjoy the most. You will have noticeable results during the 8 weeks and have more knowledge to help you with your fitness and health journey. I will also provide you both with detailed guidelines to help you, after you have completed the 8 weeks.  

12 Weeks Coaching | Duo
(Fast results)

The 12 week package gives us enough time for you both to see impressive results. (See transformations on the Home Page) Within the 12 week period we will be able to focus more on development and be in a better position to start focusing on being more accountable. Guidelines will be given with this package and all other packages too.

6 Months Coaching | Duo
(Fast- Elite results)

The first 12 weeks we will all be focussing on getting the best results possible, by creating realistic goals and overcoming barriers together. The remaining 3 months we will be focussing more on your 'realistic lifestyles' and 'day to day habits' or if you like... 'your new identities.' 

12 Months Coaching | Duo
(VIP Lifestyle Package)

The first 6 months is just like the package before. The second half of the coaching will be more relaxed and realistic to maintaining your new healthy minds and bodies. We will continue with the healthy habits you would  have both learnt in our time together but focus more on portion sizes and frequency of meals and snacks, including treats.


Goal setting will always be necessary in order for us to maintain and develop, so we will still continue with exciting new goals and variations to keep you both stimulated, whilst also remaining to stay caring and mindful of your health, wellbeing and hard earned bodies.

After completing the 12 months of coaching you will both be completely confident and dependable on YOURSELVES and will have the knowledge and willpower to realistically stay in shape for the rest of your lives, as long as you continue with your new healthy habits and your new identities.