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Unlock your limitless potential

The Magic Pill!

If I was to tell you there’s a magic pill that would allow you to function better and be happier with no side effects, would you take it? Of course, you would. What if I was to replace the words magic pill with lifestyle changes would you be willing to make them?

As much as it may be nice to be able to click our fingers or take a magic pill to achieve ultimate happiness and improved cognitive function, unfortunately, like most other things in life, nothing is achieved without actual ‘effort.’ Some people are unaware of why they aren’t able to function, others may have had traumatic experiences which make them feel down most days, or some may just like doing nothing and having no purpose.

Well, regardless of the challenges you’ve previously had, or whatever you’re currently experiencing in life, by learning and implementing the information in this article, you will greatly shift your scales from negative to positive!

Limitless Potential

See the chart below. These percentages are based on what I feel each sections contribution would be towards unlocking your full potential. They are all as important as each other, but following the chart below will help you to see what areas may make the most impact. With controlled effort.

DISCLOSURE: If you are experiencing conditions or symptoms such as depression, anxiety, tiredness, stress, anger etc., It is always worth booking an appointment with your local GP. My only intention with this article , is to share my research and experiences I have personally had, to help you to improve your focus and happiness in life.

Thought 5% of our brain is conscious thought and we supposedly have thousands of thoughts a day. These all-important thoughts can be used to help with our 95% subconscious mind!

Brain health Your brain is where all the thinking goes on, it’s responsible for regulating hormones and is what gives you the power to make decisions about your lifestyle.

Nutrition Everything we eat impacts our mind and body. Junk food can cause headaches, depression, acne, weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and so on. Opting for healthy food options however, can help you to live longer, improve cognitive function, muscles, bones, hair, eyes and much, much more.

Hormones Hormones are chemicals that carry messages through your body. We can influence how these hormones act to an extent, which impacts the body in a good or bad way .E.g– exercise and the right foods can release the feel-good hormone ‘Serotonin’ which boosts our mood.

Lifestyle Your lifestyle is your library! Decisions that you make such as your career, books you read, films you watch, people you socialise with and your hobbies all play a part in your IDENTITY. Don’t like who you are? You need to switch up your library.

Other Your genes play a part in everything in your life, including your mood, concentration levels and IQ. Genes can be changed with Genome editing if absolutely necessary. External events are things that often happen outside of our control, our internal thoughts can either exacerbate these events or help cope with them better.

The Human Brain

The majority of us not only neglect our body, we also neglect our brain. Never mind the “Oh

well” that’s the main issue right there. “Well, nobody else cares, so why should I?” "Come on"... It’s time to replace your old parts with the new and get your brain back ticking to how it should be.

Your brain is 80% water and 60% fat. It makes up about 2% of your body weight but requires a whopping 20% of your body’s energy. This is due to the billions of neurons reacting to everything you see, think and do.

So, common sense is already telling us what we need to do to start with... stay hydrated, eat your healthy fats and make sure you choose your thoughts and actions (energy) wisely.

Go you! In less than 30 seconds you’ve fixed a large part of the puzzle already!

The Body’s Hormones

Although we cannot control our hormones, we can in fact influence how they behave. The good news is, the new healthy habits and implementations you will be undertaking to help with your brain, fall in the same category as helping with your hormones.

2 birds, 1 stone.

Let’s take a look at some of these hormones: - SerotoninHappiness, focus and calmness - DopamineRewards, motivation, productivity - AdrenalineFocus, strength, helps block pain - OxytocinSocial, sleep, sexual arousal, lowers stress , less fat, more muscle, stronger bones, libido, mood

- OestrogenProtects brain and heart, boosts mood, improves sexual desire

Just like with the brain, eating healthy fats are essential for hormone production and maintenance. Staying hydrated flushes out toxins from your body, keeping your cells functioning at optimal levels. Your thoughts and actions, such as focusing on things that make you feel a sense of happiness and calmness can also have an impact on your hormones. On the opposite end of the scale, repeated negative thoughts, such as anger, fear or depression, may cause our body to release the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Hormones are heightened depending on your actions and intentions. So, make sure your thoughts and actions are reflecting on what you are wanting to receive back.


The Basics:

  • BREATHE– We all have time to be busy, but we never give ourselves time to feel relaxed. Give yourself some time out to think of absolutely nothing but your breathing by following guided meditation or by self-guiding yourself into meditation, E.g. – 3 seconds inhale, 3 seconds hold, 3 seconds exhale, repeat. Start with 5 minutes and increase through time. Exercise can achieve similar results or even a nice soak in the bath.

  • EAT – You ARE what you eat. More explained under ‘Clean food, clear mind.’ But to keep it simple for now, eat as little junk food as you can and make healthy food exciting.

  • SLEEP – Getting in your 8 hours provides many benefits. It helps us to keep a strong immune system, relaxes the mind, allows us to socially interact better, improves our mental wellbeing, reaction times, concentration, productivity and helps us to feel happier and healthier. An estimated 90% of people with depression complain about their sleep quality.

  • THINKControlled thought allows us to attract the things we want. Uncontrolled thoughts leave us vulnerable and confused which often leads to bad, unwanted thoughts/ actions.

  • EXCRETE – Holding it in, believe it or not can cause anxiety and stress. This tends to be quite common and most of the time intentional. So, if able, if you need to go, just go!

I know what you may be thinking... Well, the basics are just stating the obvious. Exactly... it’s the obvious that needs the most attention. Fixing the obvious unlocks most of your potential. Just embrace knowing what you already know and improve your day to day habits to compliment unlocking your full potential!


Research suggests that around 40% of happiness comes from the choices we make. Being happy has a direct influence on your brain’s ability to grow, expand and improve. Here’s just 10 of many examples:

  1. Smile – We smile when we are happy and it also helps to ‘smile more’ to trigger more happiness. At the least, people will feel more comfortable and welcomed towards you, which will attract more ‘happy vibes from others.’

  2. Exercise – Have a sharper mind, increase your mental alertness and energy, boost your self-esteem, lower your feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and anything else getting in the way of you feeling happy. I’m not talking about being a top athlete here, we are just talking moving more and having a healthy 'weekly fitness regime', doggy walks are included. :)

  3. Compliment others – Appropriately compliment others when appropriate, you’ll not only brighten someone else’s day but you will feel good in yourself knowing you're carrying around your decency and care of others. This is a big one, just honestly give it a go with a friend or family member and you’ll be surprised with the immediate feel-good reward.

  4. Declutter – Creating a clean, organised environment, helps you to be more productive and have more of a sense of control. Clutter will try to compete for your attention if it’s in the way. You could be working around clutter for years and it will really stray your focus. Or, you could spend 10-20 minutes cleaning up and use those next few years to achieve good, channeled focused results!

  5. Stay clean, stay fresh – Another big one that strays our focus and plays a big part with our confidence. Think of your facial expressions when you smell something nice or smell something bad. It’s almost involuntary, isn’t it? We screw up our face if something smells bad or smile and open our eyes up to things that smell nice. Just remember, it’s not just you screwing your face up, it’s the unexpected guests that pop round on one of your lazy days too. Feel comfortable and confident with your fresh body, clothes, bedding and even your car!

  6. Socialise – Unless you’re happy to live like Tom Hanks in ‘Castaway’ with nothing but a volleyball called Wilson, or like Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’ with nobody but his pet dog Sam and a few mannequins, I highly recommend you socialising as much as possible!

We are sociable beings, we need interaction! This is nothing to do with popularity or how many friends you have, it’s about connecting with whoever is in your life or maybe giving yourself the opportunity to meet new people.

Social isolation is proven to be linked to feelings of depression, accelerated cognitive decline, behavioural changes, impaired immunity or in other words, you’ll end up going crazy like they did in the films above. The more you are around like-minded, positive people, the better you will function and the happier you will be.

  1. Nature – Those that spend more time outdoors, experience greater levels of positive emotions and increased levels of performance with day-to-day tasks. We’re not supposed to be cooped up indoors 24/7, so if you are, stop imprisoning yourself, go get some fresh air or take part in some outdoor activities.

  2. Achieve something – With every small or big win we feel contentment! This could be one or more of the positive changes in this article and can even be acknowledging what your achieving on a day to day! Here’s an example of what you may be achieving each day... Getting through a challenging day at work, avoiding an argument, paying your bills, getting your car cleaned, walking or cycling to work, taking the bins out, calling a friend. All positive actions count as a win, if you learn to give yourself more credit and build on your self-respect, you will feel more motivated to incorporate more positive habits into your life, thus, unlocking more of your potential.

  3. Sex - Sex decreases irritability and feelings of stress. Releases endorphins such as dopamine and oxytocin making you feel happier. Masturbation is shown to have similar effects. Deprivation in any shape or form is going to negatively impact the body.

  4. Meditation – The long-term goal is to outweigh the negative thoughts as much as possible. Meditation gives us a great opportunity to first quite the mind of all the busy and damaging thoughts that get in the way of the better us, this makes it much easier for us to focus on what we do want, rather than what we don’t want.

Feeling well-rested from a good night’s sleep is one thing, but actively calming your mind with your breathing, channeling your thoughts and visualising is another. Start with 5 minutes in the morning as you wake up.

Imagine if you end up implementing all of these positive changes, how dramatically your life will change. How much more productive and happier you will become... your magic pill is right here guys but change doesn't happen without action. Now imagine you’re fuel for a car, cheap fuel requires little effort, the car doesn’t run efficiently, it sounds miserable and noisy and has a much shorter lifespan. The good quality fuel however, requires some personal crafting; which comes from all the healthy changes written in this article. The more you invest in crafting your fuel, the better the fuel quality. You don’t have to achieve the BEST but the more effort you put into crafting, the more you unlock your full fuel potential.


GRATITUDE Being grateful brings more joys to your experiences, relationships and everything around you. In simple terms; becoming more grateful makes you A HAPPIER PERSON.

VISUALISATION Holding a clear image in your mind or on paper, helps you to remember your purpose, what makes you happy and why you woke up this morning.

ACTION The world owes us nothing and nothing will magically happen for us. Most people do a lot of thinking and watching and then wonder how the doers did it.

MINDFUL ATRRACTION Attract good, receive good. Attract bad, receive bad. Easy helpful rules: Have good intentions, choose good thoughts.

YOUR LIBRARY You are creating your identity every day from what you read, watch, listen to, surround yourself with, interact with. Everything you DO, is a part of who you were, are and will be.

GIVE/ HELP “He/ she: Smiled at me, complimented me, supported me, laughed with me, gave me a lift, gave me a place to crash.” We all like being around this person. - Be this person.

ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE Know what you want, tell yourself you are going to get there. Act on it and believe it every single day until you receive it. Hope brings us more happiness and achievements.

EXERCISE & EAT HEALTHY Release those endorphins, oxygenate your body & MIND, reduce the risk of conditions & illnesses, live longer, be smarter, stronger, faster, healthier - Unlock your potential

Understanding negative thoughts


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Anger: Think of what you love about the person or situation instead. If you keep feeding on the anger, you will just attract the same energy back. “But there’s no way I could not feel angry about this/ that or him/ her. Then don’t think about them at all, until you feel ready to manage your feelings better.”

Greed: “It’s mine, I’m having it, nobody else can have this, my precious (The ring).” So, you have an emotional attachment to whatever you have there? What happens if you lose it? Or even worse, in the ‘greedy minds case’, if someone else finds it? Whether you believe it or not you cannot hide a trait, because a trait is a part of who you are, greed will sweat through your words, body language and actions and people will look at you, treat you and speak about you with whatever traits you decide to have. On another note, you have lost your precious, you were so engrossed in what was yours, that you are now experiencing loss and upset. You are now looking to others to share and feel nobody helps you when you are in need. -Every action comes with a reaction. Maybe not instantly but it will get you or reward you in the end)

Expectation: Expectations leads to disappointment. Hope and patience allow us to enjoy the small pleasures in the process and feel good about the positive belief. Positive thoughts = positive mind.

Clean food, clean mind

Glycemic Index – Low GI (<55), Medium GI (56-69) and High GI (70>)

Bit of a read in this next bit but it’s very important to have an understanding with what’s going on here…

When we eat, our pancreas releases the hormone insulin, insulin receptors present in muscle, fat and other cells, then bind with glucose to come to these cells.

In diabetes type 2 for example, the production of insulin is low and sometimes there may be resistance to insulin (which again, is needed for the entry of nutrients to enter these important cells) When we eat high GI foods, the circulation of insulin in the blood stream makes it much harder to facilitate the absorption of glucose into the cells, our muscles will eventually reject the glucose, which then results in the rise of blood glucose levels.

This excess reacts with proteins and tissues which creates an inflammatory condition in the vasculature (This is the network of blood vessels connecting the heart with other organs and tissues in the body) As you can imagine, having this inflammation build up, this can cause real issues, such as heart disease and damage to other organs such as the kidneys.

In energy terms, when we eat high GI foods, we have a sudden burst of energy, commonly referred to as the sugar high! This energy burns out quickly and follows with a blood glucose crash. So basically, we eat, our energy goes up, then it drops lower than our energy levels were before we ate that food source. During this crash, the body also thinks we are being starved which makes us crave more carbs.

Please note: The GI rating doesn’t necessarily determine if the food option is healthy, watermelons are high on the GI chart for example, which of course we know is a healthy food source. Personally, I often have high GI foods after working out, as I want to replenish my glycogen levels as soon as possible. I will always stick to low GI, healthy foods besides this though as I like to sustain my energy levels throughout the day and not feel that ‘end of Xmas day crash’ all year round. Having a balanced meal, including high GI foods however, will help to prevent the rapid blood sugar rise. E.g. Oatmeal (87) with Greek yogurt (14). Stick to wholegrain and wholewheat to make things simple and to benefit from getting more nutrients.

Sticking to low GI foods will help you to maintain healthy glucose levels, keep your energy levels high, help maintain a healthy weight, contribute towards healthy LDL and HDL cholesterol and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Powerful brain foods that help with:

Hippocampus – Learning and memory

Neurogenesis – New brain tissue

Angiogenesis – Growth of new blood vessels

Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines) - Omega 3 - Builds brain and nerve cells - May help slow age-related mental decline, help ward off Alzheimer's disease, help with decision making, memory and emotion.

Blueberries Anthocyanin's - Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, may help with brain ageing and neurodegenerative disease. Helps with communication between brain cells.

Broccoli Sphingolipids - A type of fat that is packaged inside brain cells - Better memory and cognitive function. May help protect brain against damage.

Pumpkin seeds Check out all these nutrients! Zinc for nerve signalling, Magnesium for learning and memory, Copper for controlling for controlling nerve signals and Iron to prevent brain fog/ impaired brain function. The full shebang!

Dark chocolate 80% or more Flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants - Learning and memory, slows down age-related mental decline and mood boosts mood.

Nuts Healthy heart food, thus, a healthy brain. Lowers risk of cognitive decline, sharper memory, helps to slow mental decline. Walnuts also deliver anti- inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids.

Eggs Acetylcholine - Neurotransmitter helping with regulating mood and memory - Better memory, brain function, helps synthesise brain chemicals and regulate sugar levels in the brain, eggs may also help with mental decline and depression.

Oranges Vit C Prevents mental decline, improves focus, memory, attention and decision speed. May also help to fight off free radicals that can damage brain cells. Supports brain health, helps with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.

Turmeric Curcumin - Direct access to the brain cells helping with memory, depression and anxiety (boosting serotonin and dopamine, if you remember, these hormones boost our mood) and also helps new brain cells to grow.

The majority of us eat for convenience, out of habit and because we think it’s more affordable. Now you will be more focused on your health, creating good habits and understanding it can be just as affordable if not cheaper to eat healthy, you will be unlocking a lot more of your full potential.

If you’re having the occasional treat meal, rather than the occasional healthy meal, you’re already a big step ahead of everyone else.

Exercise the body and mind

Exercise, such as resistance training, encourages us to focus on our breathing, technique and mind muscle connection, acting as

a form of meditation and calming the mind. As already mentioned, exercise also releases the feel-good hormones, instantly making you feel better and waking your mind up for the day.