The Resistance Training Guide:

A useful guide about resistance training and why we should all be doing it in our lives! 


Resistance training includes weight plates, dumbbells, weight machines, resistance bands, medicine balls, props around the house, body weight exercises and more. Resistance Training is suitable for EVERYONE and should be included in any workout plan. 


This Resistance Training Guide includes:

> Benefits of resistance training

> Understanding and following a workout plan

> Technique and posture 

> Detailed set up & technique info for the squat, deadlift, chest press & shoulder press!

> How flexibility compliments resistance training

> My recommendations

> Q&A section 

> And more... 

Resistance Training Guide

  • Burn calories 24/7 with resistance training!

    Educate yourself on the importance of resistance trianing.

    Suitable for health and longevity, losing weight, toning up, gaining muscle or to compliment any other fitness goal!